Toolkit for Faithful Stewards

Making the Most of Watershed Projects to Raise Awareness and Build Momentum


View and download the Toolkit here.

Faithful stewards offer a “faith-filled” response to heal Creation. This toolkit is designed to provide you the means to formulate your own faith-filled response to the challenges we face in our local watershed communities. A faith-filled response:

  • to the ecological crises of our time, is one that is filled with hope, prayer, and sacrifice.
  • to water degradation, is one that recognizes the human suffering resulting from the disregard for shared water resources, and works toward justice for all.
  • to the culture of consumerism, is rooted in prayer and witnessed in action.
  • to heal the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, begins with the recognition that we are not alone in this, and that we are instruments of peace.
  • begins with love for every human, plant, animal, and insect which our Creator also loves unconditionally.

What does the Toolkit contain?

Tools for cultivating:

  • Watershed Literacy
  • Spiritual Foundation for Watershed Stewardship
  • Publicity & Community Engagement
  • Groundbreaking Ceremonies and Dedications
  • How to Build a Green Team
  • Worship & Liturgy Resources
  • Spiritual Education Resources for all ages

View and download the Toolkit here.