As we navigate the path towards creating transformative change, I find myself reflecting on the powerful journey we've undertaken at Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake (IPC). Our commitment to a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive future has become a cornerstone of our mission, setting the stage for even more impactful stories of positive change in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

This year has seen tremendous growth, from partnering with over 80 congregations to training 31 new green teams. We've expanded our reach, diversified our board, and made significant strides in our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ). Our August board retreat was a pivotal moment, where we delved into a comprehensive self-evaluation to operationalize these principles in our strategic plan. The ongoing development of DEIJ recommendations underscores our dedication to reaching those most oppressed by environmental racism.

The DEIJ work undertaken by our board, led by me, as the Board Chair, serves as a compass guiding us toward a more equitable future. We recognize the power of our collective voice in engaging faith communities in environmental stewardship, thus making a lasting impact on the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

As we stand on the threshold of a more inclusive and hopeful future, your support becomes instrumental in shaping transformative change. At IPC, we've embarked on a profound journey towards DEIJ, and your participation can help us take even more impactful strides in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Why Your Support Matters:

  • DEIJ as Our Guiding Light: The work undertaken by our board has laid the foundation for a more equitable future. DEIJ principles now guide our every step, making sure no one is left unheard or oppressed by environmental racism.
  • Stories of Positive Change: This year alone, we've witnessed remarkable growth, diversified our board, and were mentioned in the media 35 times and counting. These stories of positive change are just the beginning, and your support will help us write more narratives that inspire hope and transformation.

Here's How You Can Make a Difference:

With your help, we will continue to build a future of hope, ensuring a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environmental movement. Your generosity will empower us to reach even more communities, engage faith leaders, and foster lasting change in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

We’re asking for your help and support today, so that tomorrow we can continue this good work. 

Together, we have the power to amplify our collective voice, engage faith communities, and make lasting impacts on the Chesapeake Bay watershed. We share your dream for a future where everyone has access to clean water and air, a stable climate, a thriving ecosystem, a just system of laws that protect vulnerable people and voiceless creatures. This is our moral call to action as people of faith.

As we look toward the future, I invite you to join us today because IPC is more than an organization. We are a movement.
Tonya Sanders Thach


Chair of the Board