100+ IPC Partner Pledge Congregations & Almost $250K for Congregation Grants

IPC is thrilled to announce that we have surpassed over 100 congregations signing our Partner Congregation Pledge and we are still growing! What does this mean? Well, this means that congregations from all over the Chesapeake Bay watershed (and even one as far away as Zimbabwe!) have taken our pledge that begins,  “As a community of faith, we are called to honor our sacred bond with our Creator, serve as good stewards of the land and waters of the Chesapeake, and sustain the life and health of all creatures.” Read the full pledge text HERE.

It means that these congregations are willing to state publicly that they are part of a growing movement of faith communities who are fierce defenders of our natural world, and how their stewardship of all the Earth's plants and animals (including us humans) positively impacts the planet. It also means that when potential new members are looking for a spiritual home where they will find like-minded people they will be welcomed with open arms at the ones with “pins on the Partner Congregations map” (see the map and the list of all our current partner congregations HERE).

Don’t see your congregation on the list? Then contact us at [email protected] so we can connect you with the right IPC regional outreach person to help you along the way.

Our congregations are also growing in their potential to design and eventually install stormwater mitigation practices on their grounds. Four of our congregations recently learned that they are the recipients of design funds from the Chesapeake Bay Trust Watershed Assistance Grant Program. The next round of applications for this program will be due in August. Three Baltimore County congregations including the Islamic Society of Baltimore ($63,600), Prince of Peace Lutheran Church ($39,000), Sherwood Episcopal Church ($60,139) and one Baltimore City congregation Miracle City Seventh Day Adventist Church ($85,000) are now embarking on a year of discussion, planning and designing the practices that will help them to be better stewards - - helping to improve their watersheds for their downstream neighbors. 

Can’t think of any better ways to celebrate Earth Month then by honoring these great congregations for their vision and leadership!