Islamic Community Center of Potomac (ICCP) is open, inclusive, and compassionate – truly a place for all!

One of their goals is to foster interfaith dialogue and service projects. They welcome and collaborate with all faiths, and serve as a neighborhood resource for activities including social, cultural, religious and educational.

Atiq Khan, their green team leader with support of Yassine and Ayesha have made it a mission to promote environmental stewardship. They were even able to persuade their congregation to make the switch to compostable silverware during feasts and other social gatherings. Their members have a wonderful waste station that has clear signage on where to put compost and recyclable items. They also have many beautiful trees that line the property along with a compost barn, and native plant garden.  ICCP has a dedicated green team who strive to inspire their local community to adopt sustainable practices and reduce its environmental impact, while recognizing the moral responsibility they have as their faith calls them to. To care for Creation through their worship, buildings, land, and community engagement.

Their dedication and persistence to move their congregation to more sustainable social activities was an effort pursued for more than a year. In March of this year, ICCP attended IPC's Faithful Green Leaders Training to strengthen their green team. From the training they were provided with a great framework and resources that they still use to this day. Their team also made the commitment to being good stewards of the land and waters of the Chesapeake by signing IPC's Partner Congregation Pledge – a good first step to joining this movement.

The idea started from one of Muslim’s most holy holidays of the year, Ramadan. During Ramadan, Muslims observe a strict daily fast from dawn until sunset. They abstain from food and drink during these daylight hours as a way to commemorate the revelation of the Quran to the prophet Muhammad. Such a wonderful time of prayer and reflection, to which an incredible feast follows in observance of the new moon. A time of gathering with friends and family and sharing meals are among the many beautiful customs and traditions that encompasses Islam. 

For Muslims, their faith has this principle of stewardship woven throughout the Quran. An Islamic perspective on care for Creation seems to have a natural fit to be a community that consumes less and to utilize the bounty provided as efficiently and equitable as possible. In addition to being caretakers of the environment, there are many Quranic verses that tie stewardship to the earth.

In a recent conversation with green team leader Ayesha, she opened up about her personal journey into environmental stewardship, rooted in her deep connection to faith. Ayesha shared how her upbringing in Pakistan instilled in her the values of resourcefulness and conservation as a way of life. Growing up, she learned the importance of not wasting water and the significance of conserving and reusing resources as a means of honoring Allah. This profound connection between faith and environmental responsibility has been a driving force behind her commitment to inspire sustainable practices within the ICCP community.

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If you’re interested in forming or strengthening a green team at your congregation join us at the next Faithful Green Leaders Training in October by registering HERE.
Sarah Redden


Program & Outreach Coordinator (Montgomery, Frederick, Prince George's, DMV)