Shared Justice, September 3, 2019

IPC is featured in this article, which is part of the "Sacred-Public Partnerships", a publication initiative of the Center for Public Justice. The Center "explores the ways in which faith-based organizations – the sacred sector – and government partner for good. Sacred-Public Partnerships focuses specifically on the intersection of the sacred sector, religious freedom, and government-administered social safety net programs and explores why partnership between government and the sacred sector is essential to the success of social services in the United States."  IPC Executive Director Jodi Rose states: “In our mindless goings-on in our lives, as we trample on the Earth, spread salt and pesticides around on our yards and driveways and worry about our green lawns, we are muddying the waters for those who rely on our natural streams to feed their families,” she said. “Caring for the Earth is caring for one another.”

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