Frederick One Water Partnership

Middletown_UMC-Frederick.jpgThrough training offered by IPC in collaboration with the Potomac Conservancy, congregations in Frederick County are receiving guidance to develop a plan for action and learn about grant opportunities to support projects for watershed awareness and restoration.  

These congregations have attended IPC's Action Planning workshop and are already moving ahead with plans to take the next step to put their faith in to action as caretakers of Creation:

  • Middletown United Methodist Church
  • Frederick Friends Quaker Meeting
  • Unitarian Universalist Church of Frederick

You can join them by choosing a care for Creation action for your congregation.  Here is the Action Plan and Resource List for faith communities in Frederick County to assist you in selecting an action.

Now is the time for people of faith to heed the call to be faithful stewards of the environment.  The Earth is a gift to be cherished. Its rich resources are on loan to each of us, individually and collectively. Yet we have been poor caretakers.  Our negative impact is evident all around us in trashed and degraded streams and waterways in your own neighborhood. But by working along with others this can change.

Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake will work with your congregation to cultivate a strong faith-rooted commitment to pollution reduction.

Questions? Contact: Kolya Braun-Greiner at