The Delmarva Free School (DFS) is a member-supported recovery community and non-profit with a focus on liberation, ecopsychology, and embodiment. Members receive spiritual nourishment through ecopsychology services, access to a community of soulful and spiritual nourishment for the heart-body and mind. In their first year, Delmarva Free School, hosted eighteen free seminars, workshops, or healing circles, and served nearly fifty individuals or families. Delmarva Free School additionally offers women’s empowerment and embodiment, liberation/deconstruction work, recovery and addictions-based accountability/mentoring, deep animism and sacred ceremony, as well as meditation and mindfulness practices. 

Delmarva Free School posits ecopsychological or psychosoulful awareness and body sovereignty as fundamental to wellness. It supports client-centered, egalitarian self-agency and empowerment. DFS takes a proactive stance as a creator of Safe Sacred Spaces. As reflected in the Extended Vision Statement portion of their Bylaws, Safe Sacred Spaces honors all bodies indiscriminate of class, race, age, ability, gender/non gender, sex/sexuality or heritage as Sacred and Sovereign. 

They strive to be proactively Anti-Racist, Pro-Black, and Pro-People of Color and to co-create spaces where this perspective is actively embodied. DFS works in deep connection and community on the lower shore of Delmarva, Pocomoke and Underground Railroad land. 

Delmarva Free School has a fully trained Green Team and were a part of the October 2022 Faithful Green Leaders class! They are excited to see what their new partnership with IPC will bring to their beautiful campus and programming. 

You can learn more about the Delmarva Free School here!