Since 1780 the good people of Preston have had Bethesda Methodist Church to meet and worship in. Starting in nearby homes to meet initially, by 1785 the first church (chapel) was erected on the present site.  This was torn down in 1875 and a larger more 'modern' church with bell tower was built.  The beautiful stained glass windows were added in 1903, and the offices and classrooms in 1958. During the warmer months, Bethesda Methodist Church meets outdoors on the shore of the Choptank River at the Choptank Marina to worship for their 9am early service.  Their traditional service at 11am is in the main sanctuary.  Given the congregations two locations and the farming nature of their area, Bethesda  feels a particular closeness to the land and water God has so wonderfully made and an Planting chokeberries at Bethesda-Preston UMCobligation to continue to care for the Creation; the first job given to man in the Garden of Eden. As they approach nearly 250 of service in Preston, Bethesda looks forward to continuing being servants and caretakers of all God has beautifully made.

In Fall of 2022, Bethesda Methodist Church demonstrated their commitment to Creation Care, planting eleven native chokeberry bushes on their property. They have plans to add a pollinator garden and more native plants to their grounds!

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