IMG_2333.jpgThe IPC Board meets quarterly and has been meeting in the same place for several years. In 2020, the board wants to get out into the community and learn more about your work, your sacred places, and your challenges. The idea is that immediately before or after the meetings, the board would like to meet you, your green team and/or your spiritual leader, tour your grounds or any projects you may have installed, or hear about the challenges you’re facing. 

We are looking for spaces that can meet the following needs:

  • Comfortable board meeting space for 12-15 people. They sit for 3 hours in the meeting, so it’s helpful if the seating is comfortable and everyone can see each other’s faces.
  • Access to the space at 2:30 pm and ending at 6:30 pm. The dates for the meetings are already set: Jan 22 (space already confirmed), March 4, June 10, September 16, and November 18.
  • Reliable, strong WiFi
  • Audio/Visual capabilities with HDMI preferred. If a TV/projection system is not available, we can bring a projector, but will need a screen to project on to.

IMG_4884.JPGIf your space meets these basic needs, no matter where you are located, please contact us. Our board is eager to build up stronger relationships with all of you who are working to restore the Chesapeake!

Email Andi Proctor [email protected] to learn more.