Sources, Ideas and Materials

IPC Recommended Reading List
(updated monthly with your suggestions)


Toolkit for Faithful Stewards: Making the Most of Watershed Projects to Raise Awareness and Build Momentum


Biblical Principles of Earth Care

Scripture Themes on Care for Creation

Jewish Environmental Resources

Scriptures on Trees and Water

Songs & Hymns about Creation

Catholic Guide to Applying Laudato Si' (Pope Francis' Encyclical)

Steps to Form a Green Ministry


Teaching Tools: 

Faith based Watershed Stewardship Activities

Web of Life Activity

Lectio Devina Bible Study Method

Vacation Bible School Lesson Plan

Caring for God's Creation Handout - Prayers, Activities, and Ideas - Christian

Caring for God's Creation Handout - Prayers, Activities, and Ideas - Muslim

Children's Watershed Program on Care for Creation

"A Day around the Bay" activity for understanding sources of water pollution

Sacred Water, Creation Care Workshop (PDF)  (View this Workshop on Video here.)

Spiritual Practice:  Examen - Observing Local Waters

Trees for Life (PDF)





Tool Kit: "Stewards of the Bay" 

In conjunction with the National Council of Churches we developed a toolkit for churches. This toolkit contains a variety of  resources to help you get started.   Stewards of the Bay: A Toolkit for Congregations in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

Resources for Worship

Prayer Card from IPC - prayer on one side and action steps on the other

GreenFaith provides excellent resources for faith communities, including this guide to "green worship."

Earthcare online list of relevant Bible verses.

EcoSpirituality Resources 

Prayer for the Tree of Life

Commissioning of Faithful Stewards, Caring for Sacred Waters - Christian

Commissioning of Faithful Stewards, Caring for Sacred Waters - Muslim

Resources for Bible Study & Reflection

The Genesis of Environmentalism -- Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin

The Biblical Basis for Creation Care -- George W. Fisher

Sources in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures 

Study Course

Scientific and Spiritual Dimensions of Climate Change (2/2016 - Link Broken)

Stewardship of the Earth :  Keynote Address from the Chesapeake Covenant Community-Chester Valley Ministers Association gathering, May 12, 2011, by Roderick Miller 


TEND AND KEEP:  A reflection on creation, with beautiful paintings


 A short, dynamic clip from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation



CONGREGATIONS REDUCE POLLUTED RUNOFF: a video from Clean Water Coalition



Save the Anacostia River Video - Teen Video- Earth Conservation Corps

Congregational Covenants, Commitments and Minutes

Many congregations have chosen to express their commitment to loving and caring for creation by adopting a declaration, variously described as a "covenant," a "pledge" or a "minute." We provide links to some of those here

Practical Guides

Landscaping Around Your House of Worship : A helpful guide from the Ecological Landscaping Association.

Composting for Congregations : An updated guide for composting at your house of worship or at home

Earth-friendly Lawn Care for congregations : A practical guide



From Creation Justice Ministries:   

Care for God's Creatures
, you will find:

- Christian education resources, including a study guide that includes themes such as: how we learn from creatures, ecosystem services, theological explorations of the concept of "dominion," short videos, and news clips.
Liturgical resources to plan a Blessing of the Animals or a creature-themed worship service, including hymn ideas and sermon starters.
Action resources to engage in citizen science, build a bat house, plant a pollinator garden, protect the ecosystem of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and advocate to protect the Endangered Species Act.

Water, Holy Water from Creation Justice Ministries.  A resource for worship, reflection, study and action on caring for water, our most sacred resource. This year's Earth Day resource explores water as a gift from God that is beingthreatened by overuse and pollution. Included are sermon starters, worship resources, and a bulletin insert. Note: Use the following links to download denominational versions of the resource adapted for the Episcopal ChurchPresbyterian Church (USA)United Church of Christ, and United Methodist Church   

GreenFaith also has a special focus day on water this year, with resources for prayer and action.  Click here to find the download. 

Earth Day Liturgy from the Anglican Church of Canada. 

Greening of the Cross A joint worship service of the congregations of Capitol Drive, Divine Word, Good Shepherd and Pentecost Lutheran Churches. Sunday, April 26, 1998, Capitol Drive Lutheran Church, 5229 W. Capitol Drive , Milwaukee, WI 53216 

Worship in Celebration of Creation  (McCormick Theological Seminary) A complete service in recognition of Earth Day. 

On April 21, 2013, the congregation of United in Christ Lutheran in rural Lewisburg, PA, held a service with hymns, readings, prayers and preaching focusing on the beauty and sanctity of God’s created Earth, as well as our responsibility for being good caretakers of God’s gifts.  Here is the sermon for the day: Falling off the Bike.  In preparation for the service, the Confirmation students spent several class sessions creating three “trees”:  Creation, Eco-crucifixion, and Eco-Resurrection.  The project was part of their unit on the Apostle’s Creed, focusing on God as Creator (a collage of images of Creation); Earth as being “crucified” (a collage of images of environmental devastation); and humans working with the Holy Spirit to restore and heal Earth (images of renewable energy, restoration projects, children planting gardens, etc.). 

While many of the following Earth Day resources are listed on Catholic websites, their language is not exclusively Christian.  

For Lent:

Lenten Reflections on Water