Forming faithful stewards, caring for sacred waters


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We’ve heard that 2/3 of Baltimore congregations have NOT YET applied for your stormwater utility fee reduction! Please visit our Blue Water Congregations page for instructions how to get this done

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Faith Communities Caring for Creation by Reducing Polluted Runoff

Anne Arundel County, MD


Capture runoff from your property and reduce river pollution. A new program offers places of worship professionally designed and installed storm water management improvements and train congregants to become Watershed Stewards. Check out the flyer and/or email Bonnie Sorak for more information.


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What are You Thirsty for?

(Sermon given by Executive Director, Jodi Rose, at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Annapolis, June 22, 2014)

There is a saying that is Aboriginal Australian in origin and it reads: 

If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. 

But, if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together. 

My liberation is bound up in yours, and yours in mine. We must work together to bring about God’s Kingdom – that is how our Creator intended it.

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A Climate for Runoff

Churches and Stormwater

Tend and Keep

Mourning for the Earth

Rev. Riverkeeper

Opportunities for Congregations

Trees For Sacred Places

(Formerly "10,000 Trees")


  • Environmental Workshop on the contribution of trees the Chesapeake watershed
  • Spiritual Workshop on the meaning of stewardship, trees and water in our faith traditionTree_Planting_10_17_2010_042_opt.jpg
  • Training on planting and maintenance of trees  

Contact Kolya Braun-Greiner at or call 516-776-6129.

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Alsrainbarrel_opt.jpgIn partnership with Blue Water Baltimore, IPC engages Baltimore City congregations to reduce polluted runoff and receive a credit on their stormwater utility fees.  The program offers:

  • Educational workshops on the sacredness of water and the problems of polluted runoff
  • Technical assistance for remediation
  • Planning and execution of remediation projects

The first four Blue Water Congregations are off and running. A session was held on May 7th with representatives from four super motivated congregations: Faith Presbyterian Church, Church of the Redeemer, St. Anthony’s Catholic Church and St. Pius X. With a focus on reducing their polluted stormwater runoff, and with the assistance of a facilitator, they are beginning the process of “community visioning” to develop their congregational aspirations towards sustainability.  Based upon the results of water audits completed by Blue Water Baltimore, these congregations will now consider plans for installing rain gardens, cisterns or rain barrels, removal of impermeable surfaces, etc., in addition to pursuing any other issues they feel called to address within their communities. Ultimately, we will be working with these congregations to apply for grant funding to help make their green dreams a reality. IPC wants to work together to get your congregation started in the program too! Go to our BWC page for more information or contact Bonnie Sorak at today.

Don’t miss this great opportunity! Contact Bonnie Sorak:

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St. Mary's Annapolis

St. Mary's Catholic Parish in Annapolis, Maryland was recently honored by the City of Annapolis in The Capital newspaper. They retrofitted a parking lot that drained polluted runoff into Spa Creek, and installed energy-efficient lighting systems in church buildings. By reposting the recent newspaper article posted in The Capital, we hope this inspires more congregations to see that anything is possible! Click here to read more about this exciting project. If you would like to speak to St. Mary's congregants about their efforts and learn from their experience, please contact and she will put you in touch with them. Finally, this article from 2009 summarizes the project for which they were recently honored.

Chizuk Amuno Congregation

St. John the Baptist, Silver Spring

Maryland Presbyterian Church