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Now is the time for people of faith to heed the call to restore creation.  The Earth is a gift to be cherished. Its rich resources are on loan to each of us, individually and collectively. Yet we have been poor caretakers and our negative impact is evident all around us in trashed and degraded streams and waterways in your own neighborhood. But by working along with others this can change. One Water Partnership will work with your congregation to cultivate a strong faith-rooted commitment to pollution reduction. 

The One Water Partnership will include other faith congregations in Jones Falls. Your community will develop a strong sense of place and a sense of responsibility for all natural resources and work towards restoring a healthy environment for all the inhabitants who live together in Jones Falls.

When your congregation joins the One Water Partnership you will be embraced by IPC and our expert partner organizations - - like having your own “personal trainers” - to help you achieve your goals. This partnership will help you:

  • build and support congregational Green Teams to strengthen your creation care efforts,
  • provide you with information, specific ideas for taking action,
  • and broker connections to help you sustain your new habits of stewardship.

Ultimately the 15 congregations who join the One Water Partnership will receive $1,000 in grant funds to support your initiative. 

For the full program brochure that you can share with others in your congregation Click HERE.

Want to see what actions congregations can take through the One Water Partnership? Click HERE for our "Menu of Actions".

To download a Congregation Interest Form Click HERE or you can complete it online by Clicking HERE.


Spiritual Nature Walks

The first step is to join us on a Spiritual Nature Walk. Click HERE for a Nature Walk promotional flyer that you can print out and display at congregation or through your bulletin. They will be held on the following dates, times and locations (please note that it is important for us to have your contact information in case we have a change in plans due to inclement weather):

Saturday, March 25th - 10 AM at Druid Hill Park - Click HERE to register-Complete

Sunday, March 26th - 2 PM at Wyman Park - Click HERE to register-Complete

Sunday, April 30th - 2 PM at Lake Roland Park - Click HERE to register

Saturday, May 6th - 10 AM at Cylburn Arboretum - Click HERE to register

Tuesday, May 9th - 6:30 PM at Wyman Park - Click HERE to register

Want copies of the maps, spiritual exercises and other materials to recreate a walk for your congregation? Click HERE


Community Visioning Sessions

Sign up for the Community Visioning Session that Fits Your Congregation Green Team's Schedule.

5+ Members from each congregation come together on one date:

Visioning Session 1: Sunday, May 21st 2 PM at Chizuk Amuno Congregation   

Visioning Session 2: Sunday, June 4th at 2 PM at Church of the Redeemer       

Visioning Session 3: Sunday, June 11th at 2 PM at Grace Lutheran Church                   

Visioning Session 4: Sunday, July 16th at 2 PM at Govans Presbyterian Church                

Visioning Session 5: Sunday, September 10th at 2 PM To be determined  

Click HERE for more information and to register for ANY of the above dates 

Contact Bonnie Sorak at or call 410-609-6852


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