Gaithersburg One Water Partnership

forest-stream-path.jpgAs a follow up to our spring Nature Walk and Plan for Action and Grant Writing workshops,we are working to help congregations turn their dreams for environmental stewardship projects into reality.

If you missed the Action Planning and Grant Writing Workshops, please contact us to schedule a one-on-one meeting to explore how you can be part of this program. Email Anna Awimbo at

If you would like to schedule a site visit on your property, the City of Gaithersburg and the Chesapeake Bay Trust are available to come on July 23rd and 25th.  For more information and to schedule a visit contact Abbi Huntzinger at

Looking for inspiration in deciding what projects are best for your congregation? Check out our Gaithersburg Menu for Action and resource list HERE

Now is the time for people of faith to heed the call to be faithful stewards of the environment.  The Earth is a gift to be cherished. Its rich resources are on loan to each of us, individually and collectively. Yet we have been poor caretakers.  Our negative impact is evident all around us in trashed and degraded streams and waterways in your own neighborhood. But by working along with others this can change.

Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake will work with your congregation to cultivate a strong faith-rooted commitment to pollution reduction.


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Living Questions: Faith-Inspired Environmentalism. Listen HERE as IPC's Executive Director Jodi Rose joins Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin and Emmalee June Aman on WYPR to discuss the role faith plays in motivating environmental activists.

Check it out! Jodi appeared on The Green & Sexy Radio Show with Leonard Robinson and Styrofoam Mom.