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Grab your Green Team for game night and celebrate that we all made it through 2020!

From the comfort of your home, join us for a Trivia Night via Zoom and enjoy fun and games with IPC and our sponsors. You will need a computer or tablet with Zoom to participate. Want to play in your PJ's? No problem! Want to grab your beer and peanuts for game night? Feel free! You might want to brush up on your Chesapeake Bay and Religion knowledge...we have a hunch there will be a handful of those questions. 

Even if you don't have a team, don't be shy - we'll put you on a team!

To register:

  1. Complete the form below if you are registering with a team and/or registering other members of your team. (If you are signing up as an individual and want to be placed on a team, there's no need to complete the team registration form, you can just skip to Step 2.) Don't forget to click "Submit."
  2. Once you finish step 1, then select the tickets you wish to purchase. You can pay for individual ticket(s), you can choose a team option, or both. All team options come with 5 tickets, but you will need to add more single tickets at $10/each if you have more than 5 people on your team. Once you click "Purchase tickets", it will calculate your ticket total and you will pay on that screen. 
Select your tickets
Team Registration - up to 5 team members
One ticket required per person