Where Ashland Presbyterian Church 116 Ashland Rd, Hunt Valley, MD 21030, United States
Contact Kim Thomas [email protected] (443) 797-9341

Save water, save money, and save our local waterways!

Rain barrels help reduce pollution to our local creeks and streams. The water collected in rain barrels can be used to irrigate lawns and gardens, wash cars, or simply infiltrate back into the ground during drier periods.

Join the Gunpowder Valley Conservancy (GVC) for a workshop to learn more about rain barrel benefits as well as proper assembly and maintenance. This workshop is geared towards home owners, businesses, and/or faith-based organizations interested in conserving water while also reducing stormwater runoff from their property. You can register HERE!


When: Sunday, June 2, 2024 from 12 PM – 3 PM

Where: Ashland Presbyterian Church, 116 Ashland Road Hunt Valley, MD 21030 

Ashland Presbyterian Church is providing lunch to all workshop attendees from 12:00-1:00pm and then the workshop will begin at 1:00pm. Please follow event signs after parking in the church parking lot, the workshop will be held outside of the Fellowship Hall.

GVC will be selling blue rain barrels (55 gallon capacity) in advance of the workshop. Please make sure to submit your order when registering for the workshop. Their rain barrels are repurposed, food-grade barrels donated by McCormick. Each barrel comes with a PVC elbow to attach to your downspout.

The cost is $70/barrel. However, if you live within our Clear Creeks Project area, you are eligible for a 50% discount of $35/barrel! This discount is thanks to generous grant funders including National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Chesapeake Bay Trust, and Baltimore County. Click on this link to see if the property where you plan to install your rain barrel is in our project area.