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All sorts of creatures are hidden under the Chesapeake's brackish waters... but, not all of them are belong there. Invasives like the blue catfish and northern snakehead were introduced to the Chesapeake Bay within the past half-Century and can harm native species. 

Join Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake and FishTalk Magazine as we hear from speakers Dr. Noah Bressman of Salisbury University and Eric Packard, FishTalk Magazine contributor, to explore the impact of invasive fish. We'll learn about how blue catfish and snakehead impact the Chesapeake and its native species from Dr. Bressman, before learning how to catch them from Eric Packard. No fishing experience necessary!

Dr. Noah Bressman is an Assistant Professor of Physiology on the eastern shore of Maryland. Dr. Bressman graduated from Cornell University in 2016 with a BS in biology and a concentration in marine biology. Afterwards, he began his PhD in biology at Wake Forest University in Dr. Miriam Ashley-Ross' lab. There, he primarily researched amphibious behaviors of invasive fish species, such as Northern Snakeheads and Walking Catfish. After receiving his PhD in May 2020, Dr. Bressman immediately started as postdoctoral research fellow in Dr. Doug Fudge's lab at Chapman University, where he studied the biomechanical properties of hagfish slime to see how they could be used to help people, such to safely and sustainably stop boat propellers at high speeds. His research interests include fish biology, functional morphology, biomechanics, and behavior, with a special focus on recreationally-important fish species, how amphibious fishes navigate terrestrial environments, and the invasive fish species. 

Dr. Bressman is an avid angler, and is on a mission to catch every species of fish! He's currently at 449 species. Additionally, Dr. Bressman is an artist that uses photography, Photoshop, and a biochemical technique called clearing and staining to create skeletal images of vertebrates. He is also a scientific blogger for the journal Integrative Organismal Biology, Integrative and Comparative Biology, The Company of Biologists through Outside JEB, and the Discovery Channel TV show, A Fishing Story.

Eric Packard is in his second term as commissioner to the Maryland Sports Fisheries Advisory Commission. Eric represents the tidal and non-tidal recreational anglers in southern Maryland, where he resides. Additionally, he is a contributing writer to FishTalk Magazine, providing content with respect to kayak fishing, shoreline fishing and weekly reports with respect his fishing around the Chesapeake Bay region, fresh and saltwater. Eric is a self-taught artist making a variety of art each day, including oil paintings, ink or pencil drawings, and oil pastels. He sells his art out of his online store, Apple Green Arts.

Eric retired in 2016 and spends most of his days fishing, when he isn't spending time with family and friends. 

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