Petition to Encourage Senators to Join Environmental Justice Caucus


In an effort to cultivate Senate leadership and appropriate legislation to advance Environmental Justice, we are asking US Senators to join the newly formed Environmental Justice caucus. A letter inviting all senators was issued by Sen. Duckworth, Sen. Booker, and Sen. Carper in June. We are following up on that letter to further encourage our elected senators to join them in the caucus. 

This letter, and a list of all signatures, will be sent to the US Senators represented by the signatories. Your address is required so that we can determine to which US Senators to send the completed letter. 

After you complete the petition, please consider calling your senator's office directly. You can call the Senate Switchboard at (202) 224-3121, and ask for the senators for your state. Each state is represented by two senators, so be sure to ask for one of them, then hang up and repeat that call-in process for your second senator. 

Letter Text

Dear Honorable Senator (this will be completed specific for each senator to whom we send the letter):

The undersigned strongly encourage you to consider the invitation by Senators Duckworth, Booker, and Carper to join the first-ever Environmental Justice Caucus. As people of faith, we are deeply committed to the work of ensuring equitable distribution of healthy natural resources for all people and all creatures. We are responsible for being good stewards of this beautiful creation and it is our duty to work toward justice in all facets of creation. 

Environmental injustice is an evil that pervades our society and creates an imbalance in the web of life. All people deserve clean air, clean water, unpolluted soil, and a stable climate. To ensure this right for all people, we need a caucus that focuses exclusively on the immorality and injustices that disproportionately place environmental burdens upon one group of people. The successful formation and influence of such a caucus would be a commendable step toward a more just world. 

We stand ready to provide support, input, spiritual context, and guidance as the fledgling caucus begins its challenging work. And, we stand in solidarity with our unheard neighbors fighting on the front lines of degraded water, rising sea levels, extreme weather, and warming temperatures.

Please prayerfully consider the invitation to join the Environmental Justice Caucus as a manifestation of your duty to protect our shared natural resources for all people in this web of life. 

In hope for a just future for all, 

Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake and the Undersigned Supporters

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