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Flowering plants depend on pollinators, but these beneficial insects are declining at an alarming rate. How can you help? Learn some simple ways to make a beautiful pollinator garden in your own yard or on congregational grounds. You'll be surprised at the variety and number of pollinators and birds attracted to your yard by adding native plants in beds and borders.

Howard County One Water Partnership congregation, Saint John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church (SJERC) invites you to this webinar where you’ll learn some fascinating details about pollinators and beneficial insects and some simple ways to make beautiful pollinator beds in your own yard.  Whether or not you’re handy with plants, it is surprisingly easy to start your own native plants from seed, or you can acquire the plants you need from native plant sales, swaps or even from friends who are thinning the native plants in their own gardens.

Dr._Sara_Via_Photo.jpgDr. Sara Via, Professor & Climate Extension Specialist, University of Maryland College Park, is a biologist and frequent speaker on climate change and its impacts on ecosystems, biodiversity, suburban landscapes, health, and agriculture.  Recently, Sara has been working to develop climate-friendly landscaping strategies that will boost the use of native plants, increase biodiversity and improve stormwater management while reducing carbon emissions and sequestering carbon. Videos of Sara’s webinars and information about climate change can be found at www.climatecorner.org.  She can be reached at [email protected]

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