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  • Petition in Support of Forest Conservation Act Amendments

    This letter, and a list of all signatories, will be sent to all Members of House Environment and Transportation Committee, and Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee in during the 2018 Maryland Legislative Session. To learn more about this legislation, click here


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    Forest Conservation Act Amendments


    Senate Bill 610/ House Bill 766

    As a person of faith who respects the sanctity of the Earth and the whole web of life, I am writing to ask for your support for the Forest Conservation Act amendments, SB 610/HB 766.

    Children once played easily in trees in their back yard, at a park down the street, or at Grandma’s house. But, today, forests are hard to find – when was the last time you spotted a child climbing a tree?

    Over the past eight years, over 14,000 acres of forest have been lost due to development. Forests play a crucial role in stabilizing soil, improve water quality, offer important mammal habitats, and reduce ambient air temperatures with cooling shade. The Forest Conservation Act amendments will help protect priority forests for future generations.

    The loss of tree canopy is felt by the general public and future generations, while developers profit from transforming land away from its natural state. Over the past three years, thousands of people of faith have planted over 13,000 trees at their churches, synagogues, and temples. However, for every 1 acre of forest planted by the faith community, Maryland lost 40 acres. Society cannot keep up with this pace of forest decimation. We need your help.

    Please support Forest Conservation Act amendments to strengthen it so that we can truly protect forests and reverse this alarming trend.

    We shall not steal trees from the next generation. Can we count on you to fight for sustained forest cover by supporting this bill?

    Please vote in support of the Forest Conservation Act Amendments.

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  • commented on Menu For Action 2015-04-06 08:26:41 -0400
    Yes, Chris, we’re so excited to see those projects come to life! I see an AA County House of Worship driving tour event in the future! We need to start planning something like that…

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    Q: Are you confident that your congregation will begin to form a green ministry?
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    Prince George's County Pre-survey

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    2015 Faith Community Watershed Gathering Survey

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    Faith-Based Field Trips

    IPC is considering developing an outdoor educational experience with a spiritual context as a means of helping faith advocates develop a greater sense of place within their watershed community. Such an experience might take place on the congregation's property, nearby natural areas, local streams or waterways, and could include hiking, biking, canoeing or kayaking, boating or even fishing.

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  • published Catholic Review Highlights Polluted Runoff in Media 2014-07-22 17:27:45 -0400

    Catholic Review Highlights Polluted Runoff

    As Blue Water Congregations gets underway, the Catholic Review highlights the underlying message that the faith community is uniquely called to care for Creation. 


  • commented on On Stormwater Fees 2014-03-27 17:14:25 -0400
    Absolutely, Ann! One of the things we talk about when we go out to congregations and faith leaders is that we live together in a “watershed community.” Watersheds know no city boundaries, no legislative districts, no church boundaries. Watersheds follow the contours of the land and answer only to their Creator. We are in this together and we are connected to each other through our watershed communities. If we could see each other as fellow brothers and sisters in a shared watershed, we might stop fighting over politics and start working together for solutions that reflect love to our Creator and to each other.

  • commented on wttform 2014-03-10 16:59:26 -0400
    Looking forward to this!

  • commented on FAE report 2013-11-08 15:34:36 -0500
    Thanks Carl! Your contributions to the day were fantastic! When do we get to do this again?!?

  • commented on Organizations 2014-05-19 08:56:16 -0400
    There is a nonprofit organization called Koolhof Earth, which spun off from an environmental consulting group, Straughn Environmental. I will email them and see if they could post some suggestions here. Thanks for inquiring!

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